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We used to think time was a thief, stealing everything.

I heard this move there a long time ago.I thought it must be a romance which was boring and old.So I chose an afternoon to use it to kill my time.At the beginning,there were a lovely little boy coming to my eyes and there also had a little girl,a little wired.Maybe because of the difference in the culture,she was different from the any girl I ever saw.I thought she was so brave and so active to chase the heart of the boy she loved.In China,it is impossible for a girl to express the love to her secret lover.They are so shy to express the true thought in their heart.In terms of the boy,it's similar to ourself.We often like going after the things not belong with us.When we got it finally,it may not be vital for us.It is a normal mentality for human.We are all cowards in love.As the actor's line saying,I should give the girl a kiss,which I owe her in the most in her life.We all should to express the love to someone who loved us all the time in obscurity.

Evan, the protagonist of the movie, named the Butterfly Effect, behaved strange when he was a child and suffered from amnesia. For some reasons, he made terrible mistakes and was a victim of several traumas in his childhood but he could not remember. One day, Evan traveled back in time by reading the diary that recorded things he had forgot. He wanted to save himself and his friends via using his ability and correcting the past. However, every time after he went back and changed the past to compensate for the mistakes, the things were leaded to a more terrible result. After Evan realizes that all he did would trigger ‘butterfly effect’ and end in vain, he traveled back to his mother’s uterus and committed suicide, which stopped him to be born and protected his friend by eliminating the source of ‘disasters’.
        The movie is well-constructed. The director uses flashback to make the audience attracted and nervous, and the hints set in the movies can always make people surprised. In addition, the story is stringed by seven times that Evan traveled back and try to correct the past. There are always small climax in each travel to keep the flow of plot moving on and stimulate audiences’ interest. There are some logic bugs in this movie, which is a common problem in science fiction movies due to the fact that it’s not easy to construct an unreal system or setting without any contradiction or paradox.
        The Butterfly effect really provide food for my thought. We all have regrets. Every time when these kind of clips recalled in our mind, we will feel pain and try to forget them. However, if we have ability to change them, what would you do? If I were to go back to the crossroad and make a decision knowing that one of choices will torture me in the future, would I step to another direction and get a brighter life? I think everyone has considered this idea. In the movie, the director makes it possible and gives us an unexpected answer.
        The flapping of the wings of a butterfly will cause a distant tornado after a period of time. The choice we made not only determined something in front of you, but also had huge impact on your future life. We always assume that the way we didn’t choose will be better, which can be an mental placebo to heal the scars we got. Further more, we may not succeed to change our fate owing to the fact that we can guess what will happen in 3 minutes to some degree but cannot accurately predict it or see further in future. Like Evan’s father said, ‘you can’t play god’. All the efforts made by Evan end with a disasters. He can never save someone without destroying someone else.
        As human, we have desire. We have something we want to achieve and someone we care. If we could travel in time, we are not able to save but destroy. Your dream, your love, yourself, which one will you sacrifice as a cost to save others? Faced with this hopeless problem, Evan kills himself to end all the cycle of his fate.
        So, isn’t it lucky that we do not have super power to affect the past? The existence of fake hope may better than nothing exists. We are human beings due to the fact that we are not god and cannot control anything even ourselves. Be tolerant to regrets and imperfection of our life, cherish what you have and people around you. In some day, you may find, the perfect beginning, for the perfect ending, was that you made a decision and went along.

But time give before it takes. And every day is a gift.

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We may not be able to change the past, but we can learn from it.

For filming technique,the whole film is devoted in expressing the internal monologue of protagonist,it seemingly took us becoming one of them.It took us back to the past,to a period where we should not be afraid of the trick and indifference between people.It maybe the best time in our whole life.I could live in the world of mine and wouldn't bother with others words.


After watching this moive,I think I can find my love agine.And I know we'd be talking for a long time.

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