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高级中学毕业时期,二个长着仓鼠脸的男孩与一个”coworker“,二个绝症青娥的传说。maybe,it has been along time for me to watch such king of movie about senior school about the special period ,main character is the typical his low opinon on himself just like me .He has kindness and a soft heart making us melting And the girl is so cute .when i watching their life ,i could not stop comparing with my china life.totally different more fun more liberty ,reminding my senior ,it sucks.lack of emotion lack of friendship. a bit regret but it wil not be back again.
     it can do what you love do any thing say anything so envious for me! but i know that is life .what i can find in my life?
     在紧凑的Andre里,Andre曾经这样陈述德意志和香港(Hong Kong)的生存距离:未有咖啡厅。你未曾停下来的时刻,你要持续的去上学去干活,为了生存而失去leisure time ,让您的思辨深切,使得你和爱侣们调换思想。小编爱不忍释电影里各个人的生活情景(恐怕理想化了),社会学毕生教师,唠叨的阿娘,无节制地喝酒的单亲老母他们是那么平凡但是她们的一言一动都让自家感受到有的美利坚合众国暗意(他与澳洲又有一对不均等)。

Yo Yannan:

Family is the most important thing in her life, as long as her family is there, she could justlive forwards. Every week's family reunion can make her happy and content easily.

I don't dare to say ,one of my friends in my generation,Mr.Feng,has already got married and have a baby.

She married with a guy with a people called “stable” work and has not bad salary every month, she thinks she could have a happy life. But she tried to hide her husband when her friends are there.

Here is their wedding and the baby’s photo.

Her husband left her alone when she is 79, she didn't choose to be depressed, instead, she said she is going to travel the world spending the money in the right place. She only cried on the funeral of her husband, in the other time, smile is always shown on her face.

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He has a very bad temper, sometimes gets extremely grumpy. But he is a also very warm with a soft heart. He listens to jazz music imagining sitting near the beach, he watches history documentaries with some bloody scenes during world war, he likes spending the whole afternoon opening up the electronic equipment and reorganize them back. Sometime he fancies chatting with people, sometimes he prefers being alone.

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She always lives in her daily dreams. Dreaming of nice moments with anyone she spent time with.She doesn't want to wake up…. She is taking action for her bold moves, she never stops trying new things and challenging herself. She breaks the rules and follows her bliss. She is lazy, but she is always thinking of what she really wants and how to get those.


He is sensitive, thoughtful, sexy, lazy, a bit lack of confidence, and he has his own world, a place where is not easy for everyone to enter into. He respects himself and focus on his life, he cherishes and enjoys every moments he owns. He always takes time and thinks over before any movement, he is respectful to the nature ofthings. He is detached to anything, but he is also related to everything.

That gives me a thrill.Wow,what the hell happening?Having a baby seems faraway from me.Many time ,I still consider myself as a student.Meanwhile,one of my generation has already step into the palace of wedding!

How time flew in a blur!

Suppose I can live for 80 years,long enough right?I’ve pass my valuale childhood ,leaving only 3/4 of my live.It can’t help thinking of my schoolmates along.

  • #### Their way

I have lost nearly all of my touch with my primary schoolmates.Three fourth for my junior.

They have choose different runway of life.Some of them choose to go to construction plants,some of them become cooks and sales.*Some are refined,some are corase. *They are earning complex even cruel social experience much in advance than us.

I feel an irresistable impulse feeling fortunate as a student in unversity.We are in such a charming palace of knowledge as facilities and friends accquainted.

On the other hand,fear come over me when thinking of the inevitable farewell to school is to real to resist. I wandering how many of us have been prepared to bump into the society .

Just Imagine.One day,If we got expelled abruptly starting our own exile,we came face to face with the challenging reality.

If we have to start our exile from school,what can we do ?Is our ability really meet the standards of taking superior jobs where we can realise our creavity and smartness?

If we have to start our exile off school,can we really support our loved one a better life?

For some,the answer is ''No''.Even shocking,never under consideration.

  • #### After NMET

We are becoming sophomores.

One year before,we overcame the stormy water of NMET,then able to analyse it with a limpid view.
I gradually understand why NMET plays such an important role in our lives,for it lasting impression on our carrers,our atmosphere,further influencing our knowledge,bravery,horizen and friend circles. ** Moreover,it's reliable to reach new levels with clear and rapid progress reflected by such a feedback:grades instructing us direactly.**What contrary to that is the following mixed challenges including finance,health,carrers,friends and ect in society often making us confused about the utmostly sensiable way to stick to.

I often admire my parents' foresigh,for they prezents me with the best gift:educaction.
If we having been keen ,could we go into Shimen?
If having been to Shimen,could we be admitted by such a charming university?
That’s terrible for some of us who once treat schooltime a torture ,which means that our lifetracts were almost changed!
My heart beats fast with barely concealed adrenaline.

Why I find that some of students has been lazier compared one year before while even getting accustomed with it?Now we are becoming sophermore,but what does it gives us the pride to guide our fellows ,diligent,genius fellow buddies who has just finish thier pursue in NMET? Is our growth is simply the result of our prior to attain the unviersity one year earilier?

  • #### Socialdent

Once I took a taxi to Shimen, already knowing that a taxi driver’s life is even tougher,I pretend to complain about the seemly massive homework.The driver signed with eyes 45°,seeming drown into his own memory and twittering “Ah~Nice to be a student.”
Yeah,many people are nostalgic for the schooltimes,so are our seniors.

Last time,with baccalaureate gown and suits a crowd of our seniors gathered in front of the library,taking pictures of the graduation.They left with the last glance and dust on the steps.
That's the footprints of our predecessors,clear enough as I stroking them smoothly.How many time has past with the campus constructed gradually better.How generation after generation have stepped in and out here over decades. It's our destiny.

Today,I’ve stepped into the unversity for nine moths and 27days .

Looking back my life,I sentimentally find that I’m no longer a child.In my memory,when I broke a glass,played a trick,made funny face,I would always get forgiveness as he said"Oh come on,he is just a kid."

Be that as it may,I get dynamic fo becomingr adult owning lots of freedom.The moment we are old enought to take the wheel,the obligations lie with us.
Hence it dawns on me that'I’m no longer a silly student who consider study a available choice,but a socialdent who pay ourselves here to explore with decreasing time.I turn around and astonishingly find that there is a crowd of people who exist all the time but I’ve seldom paid my attention.

He has his own mission for having smashed with the cruelness or wandering at fantacy of the world.He may has to support himself through education by student's loan.Or He may be already outstanding enough but deeply realize that there is such a lot of world to see. HIs eyes’ brimming,match firm,declaiming to the world on their anbition.The world is not lack of those people, but the lack of our eyes to realize it.

Balls in our courts now.